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How to download Toxicwap Movies, and Music Albums Easily

    Toxicwap is just the best wap site to download all your favorite movies, TV shows, TV series, albums, musics and other important and essential apps.

    Of course, they are bunch of wap sites for your downloads, and you can easily use it to get all your ebooks, apps, games, movies, TV shows, series and many more.

    Watching movies has always been the best way to escape the reality of life, and this includes TV series, shows, music albums.

    Below are the carefully outlined step by steps guide on how to download Toxicwap movies, musics, music albums etc. on your Smartphone, PC, Laptop, Windows or Computer.

    All About Toxicwap

    ToxicWap is the most trusted and popular mobile wap site for all your free mobile download needs. They offers the best full mp3 music, all your favorite TV Series and Movies in mp4 and avi format.

    During the startup, Toxicwap offers Android games, Android app store, but you can only find high quality videos, funny videos and musics.

    Thankfully, you can easily download Toxicwap movies easily just by following the below procedures. And the site is simple, loads fast and many other benefits of using it.

    How to download Toxicwap Movies

    To download Toxicwap movies on your Smartphone, you can easily and quickly follow the below step by steps guides. Well, they are different ways.

    If you really want to download movies from Toxicwap on your Smartphone, then you must either choose any of the following procedures that fits you best.

    There is the first method, which is downloading Toxicwap movies directly on your Smartphone,- this has to do with you searching Toxicwap for your favorite movie or TV show.

    And another is downloading Toxicwap movies, TV series via Google, -where you have to search Google for your main movie and get it downloaded immediately.

    Get Toxicwap Movies Directly

    1. On your device, go to


    2. Then click on the “Movies”

    toxicwap movies

    3. The latest movies will be displayed.

    toxicwap movies1

    4. Now choose your movie from the 1st page.

    5. If your movie is not there, you can easily click on the “Next Page”

    toxicwap movies2

    6. You have search for your movie until you have found it.

    7. When you have seen your movie, you can click on it (Lets use Creed II).

    toxicwap movies3

    8. After clicking on the movie, you will be directed to the next page.

    9. The page shows the movie description, genre and download button.

    10. Click on “Proceed to Download”

    toxicwap movies 4

    11. The next page shows the videos accordingly, there is the 1st part, 2nd part and 3rd part.

    toxicwap movies5

    12. Now click on the first part to download

    toxicwap movies6

    13. On the next page, scroll down and tap on “Download” button

    toxicwap movies7

    14. After that, enter the text shown in the image followed by clicking the “Continue Download” button

    toxicwap movies8

    The download will begin automatically. And after download, you can go to your browser downloads or visit your Android file manager download folder to see your movie staring at you.

    Note: Do that for all the series for all the remaining parts, 2 and 3. The 1, 2, 3 are the full movie.

    Get Toxicwap movies via Google

    This process is only active, when that particular film or movie is already indexed on Google. This particular procedure is very effective, because Toxicwap search button doesn’t work perfectly.

    And it allows you to easily get your movie quickly, instead of going from page to page. If you are ready, lets learn how to download movies using Google search: Black Panther

    1. Launch your browser

    2. Go to Google and search the movie name like “Black Panther 2018”

    toxicwap movie download

    3. Now, click on the first Link on Google

    4. Then follow the 10 step from above, by clicking on “Proceed to Download”

    5. Click on the Part 1 to download

    6. Then tap on Download

    7. Enter the Captcha and click on “Continue to download”

    Note: If you are having problems downloading via your Android device, hold your finger on the download button and select “save link”, for problems downloading via PC/Laptop simply right click the download button and select “save target as”.

    Toxicwap Music Category

    *. New Singles

    *. Albums

    *. Mixtapes

    *. Trance,House & EDM

    *. Psychedelic & Goa

    *. Up Coming Artists!!

    *. Upload Your Music for promotion

    *. Electro House

    *. Sound Tracks

    *. Trap

    *. Techno

    *. Dubstep

    *. Hardstyle

    *. Old School

    *. Rock Music

    *. Drum & Bass

    *. Indie Albums

    *. Instrumentals

    *. Reggae Music

    *. Kenya Music

    *. Nigerian Music

    *. Nelson Mandela

    *. Requested Music

    *. 2pac Albums

    *. Notorious BIG Albums

    *. Angolan Music

    *. Tanzania Bongo Music

    *. WWE Entrance Theme Songs

    How to download Toxicwap Music

    It is simple, short and much more comprehensive to understand fully. Toxicwap has all the types of musics category to download from.

    If you are interested to download Toxicwap music, and Toxicwap music albums, then you can easily follow the below outlined step by steps guidelines:

    1. Go to Toxicwap


    2. Now, click on “Music”

    toxicwap music

    3. Search for your category (Lets use the Nigerian Music)

    toxicwap music1

    Note: You can select your Music Albums From this list

    4. You will be presented with the latest Nigerian musics

    5. Choose and click on your particular music to download (Lets use 2Face And Tony Oneweek – Ife Di Mma.mp3)

    toxicwap music3

    6. Another page showing the description appears, click on “Download” button

    toxicwap music4

    7. Now enter the text on the blank space and click on “Continue Download” button

    toxicwap movies8

    That is it, this is how you can easily download movies, and music from Toxicwap without hassle. The wap site is filled with pop-up ads, you must beware.

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