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Twitter allows longer name upto 50 characters – Use of 280-words characters

    Twitter 50 words character name
    Source: TNW

    Seems that Twitter is in serious software updates. They have successfully expanded their Character Limit from 160 words to 280 last few days ago and right now, big thing is coming.

    Twitter in another update wants you to Display Longer Name too added to the 280-words character. You can type that long words or sentence and show your identity publicly and in full words without restrictions.

    At first, you were limited to 20-words character to display your names. This is the official tweets from Twitter.

    One amazing stuff there is that, apart from the 50-words character to display your name, you can also add emoji to make it look more flashy.

    This isn’t bad tho, it is a good news for those Tribes like Yoruba’s or Hausa’s whose name can be longer upto 50 characters. It is available for all. Are you interested, Click Here to Change that Name!

    Best Use of Twitter 280-words Character

    One of the best use of the newly rolled out updates which is the Twitter 280-character words tweet is playing games and Fans are already challenging themselves.

    They played a lot of games including the Connect Four, Chess Games, Checkers.

    This is example of Chess Game played on Twitter.