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Twitter launches filter to chase “Unknown” people out of your DMs

    One of the world’s most popular Online social network website, just unveiled “Filter” that helps you chase people especially strangers from your “Direct Messages” that is you DM’s!

    Are you receiving more “unwanted messages” from unknown people asking you out? or talking about some issues that you are not familiar with and you want them out? Twitter has done it for you!

    From the official page:

    This is like in form of Facebook Request Messages? But most times, it doesn’t work well, in regards to stopping some few people from disturbing your internet stay, this new Twitter Request is imaginary okay!

    This is how it works and being done:

    If you have the ‘Receive messages from anyone’ setting enabled, incoming messages from people you don’t follow will appear as Requests in the Messages tab. New group conversations that you’re added to by people you don’t follow will also appear in Request

    Don’t you have it? Please, be informed that the feature is still rolling out to other twitter users as some have already seen and used it! It is coming to yours soonest or later.

    When you enter a Requested conversation, you have the option to Accept or Delete the conversation. Any pictures, GIFs, or media the account has sent you won’t be visible until you hit Accept. This is great!