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Twitter for iPhone can now creates audio voice tweets

    Before now, you can tweet a tweet, but you can now tweet your voice and it has rolled out today on iOS. From now on, you can now record and tweet with audio. It is an interesting new feature for its iOS app users.

    The maximum time limit of recording the audio on Twitter is a little more than 2 minutes. With this time limit, users can now record their thoughts with their voice and post it for their followers to hear.

    Like a follow-up tweet on Twitter that shows threads, Twitter will automatically create a new voice tweet that would start as a thread below the original voice tweet after an exact time limit of 140 seconds.

    In order to start and join the Twitter audio trend, you have to create a Voice Tweet, open the Tweet composer, and click on the wavelength icon that is beside the camera icon.

    Twitter users can see their profile photo along with a record button below, with which they can create their Voice Tweet. You can also add new voices and conversations to your Timeline using Lists. There is a tweet by Twitter that shows you can now:

    *. make a List
    *. discover new Lists
    *. follow a List
    *. Tweet a List

    Twitter create audio voice tweets

    Twitter users across all platforms will be able to see voice tweets of the accounts they follow in their feed. While iOS users will display playback of the voice tweet that will start in a new window that is docked at the bottom of the app.

    Users can continue to scroll through their feed while listening to the voice tweet. For now, few iOS users have the ability to create voice tweets but it will soon be available for all. However, Twitter for Android might also receive the audio support soon. The app can be downloaded and installed on both Android and iOS.