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Twitter introduces Super Follows and Communities Feature

    Twitter is looking forward to boosts its earnings through its new features – Communities and the company’s first premium features, Super Follows allows users to charge their followers for access to extra / special00 content.

    For a set monthly amount, users can charge their followers for access to special content through the Super Follows feature, Twitter teased about these features during its Analyst Day 2021.

    The Super Follows gives followers more accessibility to the users, as it allows them to say, see exclusive content, get a subscribers-only newsletter, deals and discounts on your products, community access, a special supporter badge, and more.

    Twitter Super Follow

    However, the options depend on the account and what they want to offer to their subscribers. The monthly subscription fee is $4.99/month as per the screenshot shared by the company, it will allow the users to receive special perks.

    When it comes to similarities, this feature is similar to Patreon and YouTube membership options. This allows users to earn directly from their followers and of course, the company, Twitter will take a cut from these earnings.

    On the other hand, we’ve got the next Twitter feature, known as Communities that will enable users to create and join groups that have a particular theme or interest. This is similar to Facebook, where these Communities will then be able to see posts from like-minded individuals and somewhat random posts.

    Twitter Communities

    With Twitter Super Follows and Communities features, the company is looking to generating more revenue. Twitter will take its % from the Super Follows subscription fee. However, at this time of writing these articles, there is no official word yet on when these features will become available.