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How to Download Twitter Lite for Android

    Twitter is among the top best social media platform, where you can possibly meet new friends, join the train and get to know what is really happening around the globe. And for advertisers, it helps to grow your business!

    But like other tech and social mobile apps, Twitter is also making it light version of the standard app. It is the Twitter Lite, which is expected to work smoothly and efficiently on all low-end phones.

    Since the introduction of Twitter Lite, it led to a greater than 50% increase in tweets, and noted that 80% of its then 330 million monthly users were outside the U.S. As of July, Twitter had a total of 335 million users, with 68 million of those in the U.S.

    What is Twitter Lite?

    Twitter Lite is designed to load faster on slower network connections, like 2G and 3G, and also has a smaller footprint, it takes up less space on the phone.

    It is a data-saving app, which is optimized for everyone. Hence, high end phone users can also download and enjoy it. There are other similar apps such as Youtube Go, Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, Linkedln Lite, Instagram Lite.

    How to Download Twitter Lite

    The app is also under 3MB in size, so it will load more quickly on slower networks. And it is available as a free download on Google Playstore.

    You can go ahead and download from Google’s Playstore HERE or you can download from Apkmirror. The latest app version is 2.0.

    If you cannot access the Google Play Store, you can use the mobile web version of Twitter on

    twitter app

    Twitter Lite Features

    There are quite handful of Twitter lite features and specifications:

    – Allows users to browse safely on slower networks
    – Can turn on a Data saver mode that allows them to control which images or video load when browsing the network. Once enabled, you can load this content by tapping “Load Image” or “Load video,” as needed.
    – Bookmarks
    – Dark Night mode theme
    – Threads
    – Push notifications

    Twitter Lite countries availability?

    The app was first launched as a test in the Philippines in September, but currently, Twitter expanded the app to over 21 more countries. And of course, Nigeria is among. The Twitter Lite app is available in the following countries:

    Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ghana, Jordan, Morocco, Guatemala, Turkey, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Kenya, and Lebanon!

    Twitter Lite has contributed to Twitter growth since it global launch. It also increased the tweets from users by 50%, that means, everyone has a voice. Join the trending train to save your data!