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Twitter mobile apps adds support for 4K image uploads and others

    The Microblog, Twitter introduces few features and improved tools to its mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. On its mobile app, Twitter enables 4K image upload and also changed how images appear on your timeline.

    Before now, no matter what the image orientation was, the default preview was always a landscape, but as you might have assumed, the company now generates an appropriate preview image that placed the subject in the window with the help of machine learning algorithms.

    In this case, the app will show the full image on your timeline. Twitter still uses extreme compression when on its abysmal video quality on the app which tops out at the unchanged 720p and switching to better quality is not easy.

    Another big change on Twitter mobile apps is extremely pleasant, it is a server-side update, which allows a higher 4K image uploads from Android and iOS devices while also changing how the image appears on the timeline.

    Previously, the limit was 2K or 2048×2048 pixels resolution, but both apps now support 4K image uploads, which might be inline with the Twitter Web’s 4096×4096 resolution.

    You can easily enable 4K image uploading, go to Settings and privacy > Data usage > High-quality images uploads and set it to either Mobile data & Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only from the default Never.

    With the above setting, the Twitter mobile app will compress the image less before uploading, which will affect it in few ways – increase the final resolution of the image – and also increase the upload file size and time it takes to upload the file.