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JAMB Result Upgrade is a scam and not real – You can not upgrade your JAMB result

    You can not upgrade your original JAMB result, that is all. Of course, you sat for the JAMB examination and you scored #150, please understand that you really can’t upgrade that particular result to any number!

    The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, is one of the essential examination for all upcoming students in Nigeria. Being one of the most anticipated exams, many things are bound to follow.

    Surprisingly, a lot and bunch of JAMBites are looking for the quickest way, and method to gain admission into the higher institution, especially when they have failed to achieve their cut-off mark.

    And when the deal is not done, when the appropriate score is not obtained, they are only suggested to one option, and that is to upgrade their JAMB score.

    Which is not possible, of course. Your JAMB result is your SCORE, there is no way to increase this score. Please we advise that you should be careful of these people online. They are just waiting for your call.

    JAMB Upgrade Scammers Example

    Online, you can see a message like this:

    “Good day friends, i want to use this medium to thank Mr Andrew for helping me and friends to upgrade our jamb score from 175 to 250 and also promising to help me gain admission for any university. Words are not enough to thank him,i once thought he was an online fraudster but he prove me wrong. For those of you that have once experience the bad side of life cause of your exam,this is the time to be strong and courageous. If you wish to contact Mr Andrew you can call or WhatsApp him on +23481******43.”

    Another is something like this:

    Wow Mr. frank is really the best jamb upgrader online I contacted him yesterday to help me upgrade my score he told me what to do and I did. Just in some few hours time my jamb score was upgraded from 180 to 300. I don’t know how to thank him all I can say is thank you sir and God bless you. For those of you in need of upgrade call him now on 08*****4406 because he is the only that can help you. Once again thank you sir am grateful.”

    And they are many others of this. Please and please, understand that they are all scammers. They have different ways to bringing their authentic ways to the table. Be careful!

    jamb result checker 2019

    Don’t fall into their traps because…

    Please don’t in any way fall into these money-hungry people for any reasons, which might includes:

    a. Parents ideas and aggressive pushing

    b. Competition with friends

    c. You are too eager for school

    d. You are not patient

    e. You want to boast of your results

    They are many of them, please don’t accompany or guide any of the above reason in your mind. Do your best possible way to discard or disapprove any sort of thinking or thoughts.

    How to identify and avoid them

    Well, they are too quick to adapt to new changes, they may try to take on new ways to take that money from you. Here are few ways of identifying these scammer online, and offline.

    a. Their English are clean – Please stay clear.

    b. Numbers are always there to call – Don’t call any number.

    c. They are always thanking someone or somebody – Don’t ask them about this, they are 7billion people, it might be anybody.

    d. Ask them how they can do it – They don’t have a slightest clue.

    e. They might even call you – Please reject their calls and block that number.

    f. You can even see them on educational websites – Please disregard their comment

    Any of the above forwards can leads students falling into the wretched hands of these awaiting scammers. They need your money, and don’t give them any reason for them to have it freely!

    Advise to all JAMBites

    Please try your possible way, to read all the JAMB syllabus for your subject combination that you actually chose for yourself. These will help you score a better score like I did.

    But if that is not possible, due to one circumstances of unfortunate series of event. And you failed, score way less that what you did expected, or below your school cut-off mark.

    Please and please, study your books more and more, come back for the next year JAMB examination, and hit it like a boss you are already are. If you study well, you must definitely pass very well! Je t’aime!