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Use iBoysoft Data Recovery to recover lost data

    Modern storage devices have made it very easy to store large amounts of data in flash drives.USB drive, laptop, and using the cloud as a medium for storing and protecting data. Although it is easier to save and move your important files from one place to another, the data is still not protected and is lost due to many human or systemic errors. These errors are very common and almost every user has lost data due to inadequate protective data recovery. One of the most common data recovery software is iBoysoft data recovery software. This data recovery software has multiple advantages over other data recovery software. Let’s see how can we recover lost data with the help of this software.

    iBoysoft software overview:

    Its the official website, iBoysoft Data Recovery is promoted as the ultimate data recovery software for lost files for PC, Macs and other data storage. It is indeed presented as capable of recovering files lost by deletion, formatting or loss of partition, damaged disks, infected files and other human errors.

    Note that the software exists in 2 main versions: The standard version, valid for a single machine, costs $ 69.95 and the professional version which limits 2 PCs but that costs a whopping $ 199. There is a free trial version the software but it limits the amount of recoverable data to 1GB.

    Why choose iBoysoft Data Recovery?

    Actually, there are many benefits of iBoysoft Data Recovery, but I will only mention the most important ones including:

    User friendly interface

    iBoysoft Data Recovery has a modern and user-friendly look where first-time users of the software will have no trouble using it.The first time you open iBoysoft Data Recovery, will be presented with a list of drives available or connected to your PC.

    Super fast file scanning process

    I have tried several recovery software spread over the internet and only the iBoysoft  Data Recovery has a fairly fast file scanning process compared to other similar software.

    Within minutes, there are tens of thousand files found by iBoysoft Data Recovery. This is a positive point of this software. No wonder many consider this software to be “the best recovery software ”

    Competitive prices

    iBoysoft Data Recovery comes at a reasonable price, which is $ 69.95 for the standard version and $ 199 for the professional version.

    Is the above price expensive? The answer depends. For example, there is some important data that I accidentally deleted, for example, office data, clients or my college data and I really need this data, so personally I wouldn’t think twice to purchase this software.

    Lifetime support

    This feature is only available for standard users, not for the free version. After purchasing this software, you won’t necessarily be left like this. When you encounter any difficulties or obstacles while using iBoysoft Data Recovery, you can contact their support team directly.

    Or more easily, you can Googling over your obstacle. This software is quite well known and has around millions of users worldwide. Not a few people posting articles or documentation regarding using iBoysoft Data Recovery.

    How to install and use this iBoysoft Data Recovery to recover lost data?

    This software deeply scans the device to look for the lost or hidden file. It performs quick scans and recovers the lost data in no time. You can also preview the document before restoring it. It is very easy to use this data recovery software even if you are a beginner who has very little know-how of using this data recovery software.

    You need to follow these simple steps to recover lost data.

    STEP 1:First of all, install the data recovery software on your device. Launch the software on your device.

    STEP 2:Then click on the drive from where you have lost your data. Then click “Next” on the screen. Then wait for the scanning process until it is finished. This software will perform the process of scanning files to the roots. The duration of the scan depends on the number of files to be found and the speed of the disk.

    STEP 3: After that, just check the files you want to recover and then click on the Recover button. You can also preview it for further confirmation. Then click on the option “Recover” to get these files back on your device.

    STEP 4:The deleted or lost files are recovered successfully and you can save them in the drive or any other folder on your device.


    With the aid of iBoysoft data recovery software, you can recover data from RAW/inaccessible drives, Bitlocker encrypted devices and recover your formatted data. Using this data recovery software for restoring your data is worth it due to optimum protection and it has exceptional benefits. This data recovery software supports MAC/Windows and has different apps for both operating systems.

    However, if you do not find your lost data in your device using this software contact the support team of this software, they will assist you in restoring your lost data. The chat support is available for 12 hours normally, except for Saturday and Sunday (UTC+8).