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Top 6 Virus Cleaners For Android Phone to remove virus – How to’s

    There are hundreds of virus cleaners for android phone in the Google Play store. Hence, it could be difficult for you to decide which of them to install on your device.

    If you are wondering which virus cleaner to install on your phone, this article is for you. We have assessed the highest rated virus cleaners to provide you with this list.

    Of course, they are good and amazing free virus removal for Android phones but here are our top 6 virus cleaners for android phones.

    360 Security

    1. 360 Security Antivirus Cleaner

    If you need a multi-purpose virus cleaner app, look no further, the 360 Security app is our top pick. 360 security is an app that can scan your device, detect, and clean viruses.

    You can use the app to scan your downloads, installed apps, and secondary storage (memory cards) for viruses or malware. This app offers real-time protection and will scan WiFi connections to ascertain if the network is safe.

    Apart from cleaning viruses, 360 security is also a phone cleaner and can help you free up space on your android phone by deleting various caches.

    The cleaning function of this app can increase the speed of your android device. Some other features of this app include a call filter, app lock, application manager, and notification manager.

    This app is free but contains adverts. To remove these adverts and get more features, you will need to purchase the paid version of 360 Security.

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    Avira Antivirus Cleaner and Scanner

    2. Avira Antivirus Cleaner and Scanner

    Avira Antivirus is a virus cleaner that scans your device, detects viruses or malware, and deletes the app or file with the virus.

    This app also detects ransomware and prevents the virus from taking control of the administrative functions of your phone.

    Avira antivirus also offers real-time protection as it scans your device, memory card, and newly downloaded files to ensure that any viruses are cleaned immediately.

    Importantly, the antivirus checks to see if any of your data or email address is being leaked or transferred to a 3rd party.

    If that is the case, the app or file responsible for the leak will be blocked and deleted. Even though this app is running in the background, it will not drain your battery or slow down the speed of your device.

    The Avira antivirus app is free, but you can purchase the premium version of this app. The premium version has anti-theft features, app lock, and protection from camera, mic, and web spying.

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    Bitdefender Free Antivirus for Android

    3. Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

    Bitdefender mobile security & antivirus is an advanced phone security application. This app has many advanced features but will not take up a considerable amount of space on your android phone.

    We recommend this virus cleaner because even though it is free, you get a lot of features that are available on some paid antivirus applications.

    Bitdefender mobile security can find and clean viruses and malware on your android. The app also updates malware and virus signatures so that it can detect new viruses.

    This antivirus can advise you on how secure your device is and how to improve the security of your android.

    If phishing and information theft is a concern of yours, this app can check if any of your account details or email information has been stolen.

    There are a few other things we love about the Bitdefender mobile security app; these are the anti-theft features, app lock, camera trap, VPN, and the ability to use this app on your smartwatch.

    There are adverts In this app; if this will bother you, you can purchase the ad-free/ premium version.

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    Norton Mobile Security

    4. Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus

    Norton is a well-known brand in Cybersecurity; however, the brand also has a free app for android phones.

    This application is always working to detect viruses, malware and spyware present in apps or downloaded files. The Norton antivirus deletes the infected documents after detection.

    This antivirus allows you to can scan the WiFi network you are connected to in order determine if it is a safe and secure network.

    The antivirus also provides web protection by scanning your web searches and identifying high-risk websites or sites that are not secure. An anti-theft feature can help you track your phone or get a picture of the person tampering with your device.

    This antivirus has a premium version with advanced features. Some of the features include Ransomeware protection, web protection, and an android advisor.

    The free version of this app is perfect if you need a simple antivirus and virus cleaner without any frills.

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    Security Master Antivirus, and Booster

    5. Security Master Antivirus, and Booster

    Security Master is a free antivirus with numerous features that will protect your android device from virus attacks. The application can scan your device (internal and external storage) for malware and viruses.

    If the antivirus finds any malicious apps or files on your device, it will delete them. The application also allows you to schedule and customize antivirus scans.

    To ensure that your device does not get a virus or malware from a public WiFi network, this app has a WiFi scanner. The scanner checks if the WiFi network is safe and protects your device when it is connected to an unsafe wireless network.

    Even though this application is free, it also has features like the junk cleaner, system booster, and app lock.
    While this app is free, there are other features that you can purchase separately.

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    Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus

    6. Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus

    The Trend Micro mobile security and antivirus is on this list because it is a highly rated mobile antivirus. This app has a feature that the other apps in the article do not have.

    This application carries out a pre-download or pre-installation scan to detect viruses, malware, spyware, or ransomware.

    If the app or file you wish to download is suspicious, the antivirus will halt the download. This preventive step is essential and will prevent phishing and information theft.

    Trend micro mobile security also increases the security of financial apps installed on your phone.

    If there is any malware or virus on your device when you install this antivirus, the malicious apps or files will be cleaned.

    Apart from performing device scans, this app can also scan the contents of your OneDrive account. This will ensure that a virus or malware is not being harbored in a file on OneDrive.

    Other features of this antivirus include WiFi scanner, web protection, secret snap, app lock, anti-theft mechanism, and an app manager.

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    This above aforementioned antivirus provides a fantastic service even though it is free. It protects your device in all areas where it could get a virus attack and effectively cleans any viruses or malware.