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Ways North Koreans use Technology differently from other countries

    This is weird! This is also awesome. In North Korean, you can hardly do anything out of your own will without compromising the rules and regulation, so most of them are being done outside borders.

    Do you know that Current ruler Kim Jong-un was, unlike his forefathers, educated in Europe. His nearly liberal training hasn’t rubbed off as much as you may expect, with the nation keeping up a noteworthy mystery notwithstanding interminable financial issues and continuous nourishment deficiencies.

    With such appealing history of being taught in Europe and making him a different guy entirely from his predecessor, he still finds it hard to colonize it into his leadership.

    A huge large population exists in North Korea, but few uses internet. Most individuals get to North Korea’s inner web, called Kwangmyong, which is totally walled off from the outside world.

    Destinations are for the most part for North Korea’s establishments, yet the intranet is opening up for business as well. The nation’s first web based shopping website, called Okryu, propelled in 2015.

    How to North Korean Uses Technology

    It is just different, it is just awkward!

    a. Stopped Facebook but built a CLONE!

    This is the first of them, North Korean under the influence and the leadership of the master, Kim Jong-un banned or stopped Facebook to be accessed in the country bandwidths, and this occurred on the 1st of April, 2016!

    But, they did something that might seem as a relieve but the truth of the matter is that, it is not! They built a CLONE of Facebook, where you can also interact, remember friends, create and manage groups, page and many others!
    Launched on the 31st of May 2016!

    b. Internet Usage is only for Foreigners and the elite

    The leader is indirectly trying to say, “Hey, listen up, you are not good enough to be exposed to the internet” Currently, not everyone can access the internet. Just to different people are permitted and they are; Foreigners and the elite group!

    Most people access North Korea’s internal internet, called Kwangmyong, which is completely walled off from the outside world. Sites are mostly for North Korea’s institutions, but the intranet is opening up for commerce too. The country’s first online shopping site, called Okryu, launched in 2015.

    c. One in 10 North Koreans has a smartphone

    Can you understand the ratio? That is 1/10 people living in North Korea has a Android Smartphone, now have you been wondering why you haven’t seen a company launching a Smartphone in North Korea! That is the answer, they don’t have any business with it.

    North Koreans have skirted landlines, PCs, and broadband to grasp the cell phone. As indicated by the primary bearer Koryolink, there are around 3 million portable endorsers. PC possession, then again, is pegged at the many thousands, as indicated by evaluations from Andrei Lankov, creator of “The Real North Korea”.

    What other countries are enjoying right now, that is what most people are being deprived of! Very devastating!

    few has smartphone in north korea

    d. PC for Rich, Elite & Students and…

    Laptops, Desktops, PC (Personal Computer), Monitors, call it any name you feel like, is only for the rich in North Korea and the elite group and for the students who try to study in Pyongyang University but…

    Wondering what that and… and but… is all about? Well, as a student using the Desktop, just be aware that there is no Privacy and Policy for you! So if you try to play smart, they play more smarter than you!

    In one word when you are using the Desktop, ” You are being Monitored” So why the use?

    e. You can’t Make International Calls

    You cannot make international calls just the when you feel like! North Korea’s primary bearer, Koryolink, doesn’t permit universal calls, in spite of the fact that nationals living near the Chinese fringe utilize imported telephones and SIM cards to call relatives who have fled the nation, as per Amnesty International.

    The philanthropy noticed this is a hazardous business, since the administration will capture anybody discovered utilizing a transported in telephone.

    F. PC access is so restricted that USB sticks are a fashion accessory

    Seeing this makes everything weird and somehow more suspicious. PCs are rare to the point that youngsters living in North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, wear USB sticks as design frill, as per Andrei Lankov in “The Real North Korea.”

    g. Computers run a Linux-based system and it like OS X

    North Korea has assembled its own working framework called Red Star which, as indicated by Germany security specialists Florian Grunow and Niklaus Schiess, incorporates a word preparing application, timetable and music sythesis benefit. Since North Koreans utilize USB sticks snuck in from China to swap movies, news and other media wrongfully, the OS likewise watermarks records, which means they can be followed when exchanged.

    Other than its in-built paranoia, the OS looks an awful lot like Western operating systems.

    h. Cheap Chinese tablets are only for the elite

    The Elite owns it all! North Korea has discovered up to tablet processing. The Woolim tablet was disclosed a year ago by security specialists Florian Grunow, Niklaus Schiess, and Manuel Lubetzki. There’s no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the tablet keeps running on a forked form of Android.

    Notwithstanding being made economically in China and costing around €250 (£216),according to the specialists, this would be exorbitant for most North Koreans.

    i. You can own a TV but you can’t watch much!

    Owning a TV in North Korea isn’t bad but the aspect of watching what you legally own is limited! Television possession isn’t irregular in North Korea, since it’s a valuable path for the legislature to disseminate purposeful publicity altogether.

    Be that as it may, sets are pre-tuned to North Korean stations, and police consistently visit family units to check whether the settings have been altered, as indicated by Barbara Kemick, creator of “Nothing to Envy”, a progression of meetings with deserters.

    k. Just a choice between just two mobile phone carriers

    Example, in Nigeria, you must either choose between Airtel or MTN or fall outs! But when a 1:10 people have the Smartphone. who needs the Sim anyway, who epp?

    The predominant versatile bearer in North Korea is Koryolink, a joint wander between Egyptian telecoms firm Orascom and the administration. Be that as it may, Orascom “lost control” of the organization in 2015 and a state-subsidized opponent called Byol has purportedly developed from that point forward.

    You may converge with Koryolink, leaving Orascom’s status in the nation misty and giving the legislature additionally control over media communications.

    As with most things about North Korea, what little is known about Kwangmyong has only been gleaned from North Korean defectors. Even foreign visitors to the country are not allowed to access it.

    Kwangmyong is a free service to the country’s inhabitants–even though less than 10% of the population is believed to have ever accessed it. Computer use outside of the capital of Pyongyang is virtually unheard of, and even most of those inside the city are unlikely to have a computer in their home.