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What is my IP: How to get your PC local and public IP address quickly

    What is my IP: Today, we will guide you on a quick tutorial on how to easily find your system local IP address quickly without stressing yourself out.

    There are bunch of ways to get your official and original PC IP address without alternating any substitution. Here is how to obtain your IP address on your PC.

    Technically, this tutorial is available for all devices, and Laptops. You will learn how to get your IP address on both Windows and Mac.

    However, the use of your System IP address is essentially important. Before going into that tutorial, there are some keynote you must learn about IP address.

    What is an IP address?

    According to Wiki, an Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

    An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. Of course, there are two versions of IP that currently coexist in the global Internet: IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6).

    IP addresses are made up of binary values and drive the routing of all data over the Internet. IPv4 addresses are 32 bits long, and IPv6 addresses 128 bits long.

    Your IP address is very important, because it is used to communicate with other systems in the network. Public IP addresses are used on the outside of your network and are assigned by your ISP.

    It’s the main address that your home or business network uses to communicate with the rest of the networked devices around the world (i.e. the internet)

    ip address

    How to find your public IP address

    Like explained above, IP addresses are in two major types, there is the external/public IP address, and the local IP address.

    Anyways, if you are eager to know your current public IP address, then follow the below procedures which is a simple step-by-steps guidelines:

    1. On your Laptop, go to any search engine and search “what is my ip” without the quote

    2. Your public IP will be displayed on top of the page

    3. You can click on “learn more about IP addresses feedback”

    4. You can know more about your IP details such as:
    – ISP
    – City
    – Region
    – Country
    By clicking on the first result on the page, What is My IP Address.

    5. Clicking on that website, your public IP address and details will be displayed.

    That is all. However, there are other results on the page that you can also read more about your IP address.

    How to find your local IP address on Windows

    After you have successful find and get your PC / System public and external IP address, it is time to find your local IP address.

    The below instructions and step by steps guide on how to get your laptop private or local IP address are for Windows System. Lets get started:

    1. Tap on your system ‘Start or Windows Logo’

    2. Type ‘CMD’

    3. CMD is a Desktop App, Command Prompt. Now click on it

    4. A command line window will open. Type ipconfig and press enter.

    5. Look for “IPv4 Address.” The number across from that text is your local IP address.

    Meanwhile, for Windows 10, after running the ‘CMD’ application, you will see your Local IP address at the first line. That is all!

    microsoft ip address

    How to find your local IP address on MAC

    Now that you’ve learnt on how to get your public IP address on your laptops, and for Windows users. This is how to get your private IP address on your MAC.

    To get, obtain or find your local or private IP address on your MAC OS, then you can follow the below procedures:

    1. At the top left hand corner of your screen, tap on Apple menu to Open System Preferences.

    2. Then click on the icon labeled Network.

    3. You will see some options on the left with labels like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc. The ones with green dots have IP addresses assigned to them.

    4. Now click the one on top and look to the right. There should be a sentence that reads something like “Wi-Fi is connected to Chocolate and has the IP address” The number at the end of that sentence is your local IP address.

    Congratulations, you now have your IP address of your PC, Laptop. The above tutorial is all about finding your IP address on both Windows and MAC.