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You will soon send up to 30 audio files at once on Whatsapp for Android

    Whatsapp is the best messenger in the world right now, and its biggest market is in India, with over millions of subscribers monthly.

    The Facebook-owned messenger app, WhatsApp for Android will soon let you send up to 30 audio files at once. That means, the company is building audio right inside of it.

    Currently, WhatsApp for Android presently lets you send one audio file at a time. But with this feature, you can send more audio files up to 30 at once.

    However, it is not yet available for the latest Whatsapp version. Instead, it is just part of a recent WhatsApp for Android beta, but will definitely make its way in the future.

    WhatsApp for Android will receive a redesigned audio files section, and will lets users preview the audio and image (if available) of the file before sending.


    That is totally a different scenario in the current Whatsapp version, where WhatsApp will play the audio files once you tap on them.

    Addition to that, the new upcoming update will also let users play or pause the audio files by tapping the play button next to them.

    There have been different types of features and updates, that was first shown in the Beta version, but later arrives in the official Whatsapp app for Android.