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Whatsapp Business now available for Download on Android apk

    Finally, Whatsapp launched/introduced the Whatsapp Business and everybody are loving it. After so much hype and many other rumors surrounding the Whatsapp Business, it has finally come to stay.

    You might be wondering, what is this Whatsapp Business used for? In a short sentence, WhatsApp business app helps companies better connect with their customers and establish an official presence on WhatsApp’s service, just like a WhatsApp version of a Facebook Page.

    The app provides some of the basic functionality you’d want from a business app. You can create a Business profile with additional information like a description, address, and contact information, and enable quick replies for answers to common questions.

    WhatsApp Business1

    You can create greeting messages and view some simple analytics so you can see which messages are most effective.

    *. Business Profiles: Help customers with useful information such as a business description, email or store addresses, and website.

    *. Messaging Tools: Save time with smart messaging tools — quick replies that provide fast answers to frequently asked questions, greeting messages that introduce customers to your business, and away messages that let them know you’re busy.

    *. Messaging Statistics: Review simple metrics like the number of messages read to see what’s working.

    *. WhatsApp Web: Send and receive messages with WhatsApp Business on your desktop.

    *. Account Type: People will know that they’re talking to a business because you will be listed as a Business Account. Over time, some businesses will have Confirmed Accounts once it’s been confirmed that the account phone number matches the business phone number.

    And one loving stuff is that, WhatsApp spokesperson says that the current feature set will remain free in the long term, but WhatsApp plans on charging for additional capabilities in the future.

    You can download it on Google PlayStore. More update soon.