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How to lock your chats with WhatsApp Chat Lock

    The instant messaging app, WhatsApp has launched an important feature, which will be available to both Android smartphone and iPhone devices. Today, WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature called Chat Lock – It gives users more control over their privacy.

    While there are various features that are still yet to arrive on our everyday and usual WhatsApp, features that are weirdly available on WhatsApp mod such as deleted messages that don’t get deleted, better customizations, and much more.

    Around last month, April, WhatsApp began the development of its new upcoming feature, Chat Lock, and the company also started rolling out to some Android users running WhatsApp beta. Well, the feature is available for Android but will be available for iOS in the coming days.

    What is the WhatsApp Chat Lock?

    Just as the name states, WhatsApp Chat Lock is a unique feature that allows users to easily protect their most intimate conversations with a PIN or fingerprint. With this, only the user will be able to access these conversations, as the feature ultimately protects your privacy.

    With WhatsApp Chat Lock, every single user on the instant messaging app will be allowed to lock his/her essential messages and keep them from the eyes of those that are not welcome to view them. To safely lock it, you can use more than one security measure.

    How to use WhatsApp Chat Lock?

    In order to use this new Chat lock feature, WhatsApp requires that all users update their app to the latest feature. After you must have updated your WhatsApp, follow the short instruction:

    1. Launch the app
    2. Click on the chat
    3. Go to the chat dashboard
    4. Tap on the chat lock under “Disappearing messages”
    5. Toggle on Lock chat on that chat with either “Pattern, Pin / Password”
    WhatsApp Chat Lock

    Congratulation, you just made that intimate/business messages safe from wavering eyes. Once Chat Lock is enabled, users will need to enter their PIN or scan their fingerprint before they can access the conversation after pulling it down on the inbox.

    However, during the announcement, the company said that more feature updates will be added, including locking for companion devices and creating a custom password for chats that will let users set a unique password different from the one used to unlock the phone.