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WhatsApp custom sticker maker for its web app and plans to extend time limit to delete messages

    The instant messaging app, WhatsApp brings a new and improved feature, this is a custom sticker maker for its web app. WhatsApp is also planning on increasing the duration or extending the time limit to delete messages.

    Well, the built-in custom Sticker Maker for WhatsApp web app lets users choose images from their computers and convert them into stickers that can be sent through WhatsApp. This new feature will make the messaging app fun to use.

    WhatsApp has provided some information on the guidelines on how to use the new customer sticker maker for its web app. Here is the full step by step guide:

    • Click the paperclip icon (attachments) right next to the emoji icon.
    • Select the Sticker option that’s right in between Photos & Videos and Camera.
    • Now select an image to upload. Once uploaded, you can crop and edit the image using various options, including emoji, sticker, text, and paint options.

    The company notable noted that you can only use this new feature or have access to this feature, only if you are using the latest version of Whatsapp on the web. Well, this isn’t some kind of stress, as it is very simple to be updated.

    On the other hand, WhatsApp is planning on extending the time limit to delete messages up to seven days and eight minutes (7 days and 8 minutes). As of this time, WhatsApp users can only delete the message for everyone in a conversation within 1 hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds.