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WhatsApp Dark Mode is coming, it is already spotted

    WhatsApp beta user spots the Dark Mode in the 2.19.82 update, which might arrive soon on the original, and standard main Whatsapp for Android or iPhone.

    For beta users, the instant messaging app, WhatsApp has implemented the Dark Mode in Settings only, for now, others includes notifications settings, data and storage settings, chats settings, and even account settings.

    Whatsapp dark mode has been talk for a year now, video sharing and social networking websites has introduced the dark mode feature and it has been for a period of time.

    WhatsApp Dark Mode screenshots
    WhatsApp Dark Mode screenshots | Source: WABetaInfo

    Much like others, the Whatsapp dark mode is inspiring and it might arrive on the standard app sooner or later from this date.

    Whatsapp beta has also been seen with an upcoming feature, called Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded. With this features, users can get more details about a forwarded message.

    The Forwarding Info will let the user know how many times the message has been forwarded. While on the other end, the Frequently Forwarded is a label that will show up if one message has been forwarded more than four times.

    Nevertheless, you must understand that the feature is under development and isn’t enabled for everyone yet. Whatsapp hasn’t said anything concerning this intriguing feature.