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Your Fingerprint will be required to launch your Whatsapp

    Best instant messaging app, WhatsApp will soon get Fingerprint authentication on Android Smartphone. Whatsapp is looking forward to advanced security!

    Since the official launch, Whatsapp has not added any sort of security to the platform. That means, no additional security is required, just your number.

    But sooner or later, that’s about to change, as users will be forced to use fingerprint to log in. This will protects all your chats, and conversations.

    For now, this is reportedly coming to Whatsapp for Android, but it will soon arrive on iPhone. But will support two biometric authentication methods -Face ID and Touch ID.

    Please note that Face ID and Touch ID are only for iPhone, but fingerprint authentication will only be enabled on Whatsapp for Android.


    How to enable Fingerprint on Whatsapp

    Please understand that this is still under development and disabled by default in the Android 2.19.3 beta version. Anyways, here is how to enable fingerprint authentication on your Whatsapp:

    1. Launch your Whatsapp

    2. Go to Settings

    3. Then Account

    4. And then Privacy

    5. Scroll to ‘Authentication’

    6. Tick the box

    7. A box will appear, tap on ‘Use Device Credentials’

    8. That is all.

    On enabling this on your Whatsapp, your WhatsApp chats and conversation will be completely protected from others to be seen.