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Whatsapp for Android finally gets its own fingerprint lock feature

    Months after appearing on Whatsapp for iPhone, Whatsapp for Android by Facebook will be getting its own Fingerprint lock feature. The new feature was officially announced today.

    The instant-messaging app, Whatsapp had already enabled this feature on its own iPhone version, but they took longer time to bring the same feature to its Android version.

    Even the WhatsApp for iOS users can also choose to use Face ID as their means of biometric authentication. Recall that both Touch ID and Face ID options were enabled for iPhone users back in February.

    Nevertheless, the new fingerprint authentication system for Android Whatsapp is definitely a massive welcome development, especially for the Android folks.

    How to turn on Fingerprint Lock for WhatsApp Android

    It is quite simple, get the app working and follow the below steps:
    a. Visit Settings
    b. Account
    c. Privacy
    d. Enable Fingerprint lock.

    whatsapp Fingerprint Lock for Android

    Immediately after enabling the option, users are expected to confirm their fingerprint. In real sense, the new biometric authentication system it is just an extra-level of security.

    Although, it still depends on the user, if they are willingly lock and unlock the app with their fingerprint. And it is also up to them to choose if the app should automatically lock in, immediately – after 1 minute – and after 30 minutes.

    Other fingerprint lock settings includes choosing if you would love to see the content of your messages displayed in the locked notifications, including the sender of the message from ‘Show content in notifications’.

    If as a user, you refused to turn the content blocking from the notification panel, then you can still answer WhatsApp calls and reply to messages from notifications.

    Have it in mind that turning the feature on means you’ll need to use your fingerprint to unlock the app even after unlocking your phone. Extra security, a little bit of extra-work!

    Tho, the feature was first seen in August beta mode, but it is now available to users of the stable version. Whatsapp will start rolling out the fingerprint lock sensor for Android users across the globe.