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How to download Whatsapp for iOS Beta version – Steps by step guide

    It is of no doubt that Whatsapp for Android is definitely going much higher, prospering above all expectations but sorry, that is not the same for Apple iPhone iOS. Of all the series of newer Whatsapp for iOS updates, the messaging app has never included ‘beta version download’ This is unlike windows phone, and Android.

    But today, that changes the storyline, Whatsapp for iOS now has a beta version, where you can easily download it and enjoy all upcoming new features before it gets official and to the public. Downloading the latest WhatsApp for iOS beta version will also enhance your sense of understanding, how the WhatsApp for iOS beta version or iOS beta version for WhatsApp works.

    On this article, we will explain how it works, and show you the guidelines, the step-by-step guide on how to download the WhatsApp for iOS beta version without any hassle, and delay. If you can follow the below instructions, you will definitely escape any frustration experience.

    How does the WhatsApp for iOS Beta version works?

    The iOS beta version for WhatsApp is totally and exceptionally different from the normal version, it allows all Apple iPhones iOS users to test the WhatsApp beta build and try out upcoming new features beforehand, or before it reaches the public.

    Also understand that the WhatsApp beta for iOS receives updates every two days. With the beta app, users can spot new features before they are rolled out commercially. It does everything a normal Whatsapp messaging app will do, but with the new upcoming feature, it can’t be totally trusted.

    Regular WhatsApp Messenger, which allows you to message your friends and use the latest updated features. WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family.

    whatsapp for ipad

    Backup before Installing Whatsapp iOS Beta version

    Despite being a beta version of the most popular messaging app, Whatsapp, it can also cause some serious disturbances. When using the Whatsapp for iOS beta version, you might experience, some buggy, inefficiently working, crashing, etc.

    It is sometimes rare to experience any of the above-aforementioned stuff, but we recommend you to install the beta app with caution, and keep your chat backup always on. You can easily enable backup and get it done, before crossing over to the next step, how to download Whatsapp for iOS Beta version.

    Meanwhile, it is advisable for every Whatsapp users, that are using the Whatsapp iOS beta version and spots bugs or issues, to quickly report it to WhatsApp. This will allow them to avoid that issue, why updating the regular and standard model.

    To contact Whatsapp for any bug issue, you are advised to test out that issue frequently before heading to WhatsApp, for complaints. Here is how to contact Whatsapp.

    ✵ Launch your Whatsapp
    ✵ Go to Settings
    ✵ Then Contact Us
    ✵ Write a short description with a screenshot
    ✵ Send

    Writing a short description, and getting a screenshot will explain the problem or bug issue appropriately to Whatsapp technical support.

    How to download Whatsapp for iOS Beta version

    Before we begin the instruction on how to download the latest iOS beta version for Whatsapp, you have to download TestFlight from the App Store. However, the latest WhatsApp for iOS beta is the 2.18.102 version, lets follow the below guidelines, to begin with:

    ✵ Download TestFlight HERE

    ✵ Join the beta slot HERE

    ✵ Accept the T&C

    ✵ Install the beta app on your phone

    ✵ You have to tap on Install when the pop-up asking if you want to replace the current WhatsApp app with the new beta app

    ✵ When you’ve downloaded the beta app, you’ll see an orange dot next to the name that identifies it as a beta.

    ✵ Open and you’ll be redirected to WhatsApp

    The above link provided for the beta slot is limited, henceforth, you are advised to easily download it sooner and quickly, please, ensure that you’ll have to get it right away. It will soon be filled up.

    How do TestFlight works?

    It is a beta testing app, and available to Apple users, it can be downloaded via the Apple app store, iTunes. It allows testers to install and beta test apps on iOS, tvOS, and watchOS devices. But understand that, TestFlight itself does not allow for the discovery of beta apps.

    But before it will work, as a tester, you must receive an invite directly from a developer first before they can begin testing with TestFlight. Once invited, testers can redeem invitations in TestFlight to install, test, send valuable feedback, and get updates for the beta app.

    How to download Whatsapp for iPhone

    ✵ Switch on your phone
    ✵ Switch on your cellular data
    ✵ Go to iTunes HERE
    ✵ Now click on install
    ✵ Verify your handset number
    ✵ Enter your name and profile image
    ✵ Add your contact number list
    ✵ Enjoy your new and latest Whatsapp

    Getting a fresh version of the messaging app, the download size is 134.8 MB. Download the latest Whatsapp for your Apple iPhone running on iOS, has been made easier for everyone. You will enjoy the latest features, Whatsapp stickers. Where you can now download and send expressive stickers in your Whatsapp chats.