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How to enable biometric authentication on Whatsapp for iPhone

    Whatsapp for iPhone now has support for biometric authentication, which includes Face ID and Touch ID on iOS. Your Whatsapp is totally secured.

    The latest WhatsApp version 2.19.20 for iOS device, iPhone and iPad brings Face ID and Touch ID support to enable biometric authentication.

    However, this Whatsapp biometric authentication feature has been rumored few months ago. Although, Outlook and Signal are offering a similar experience for some time.

    How does it work?

    With this new biometric authentication feature for iPhone device, all Whatsapp users can now lock the messaging app by the use of native Face ID or Touch ID.

    Also understand that the new feature only secures your Whatsapp on launching, and doesn’t extend the biometric feature to your individual WhatsApp conversations.

    It works smartly, ensuring all your conversations are totally secured. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp for Android will also get the feature some time later, this is just rumors.

    How to enable Fingerprint on Whatsapp

    Please understand that this is still under development and disabled by default in the Android 2.19.3 beta version. Anyways, here is how to enable fingerprint authentication on your Whatsapp:

    1. Launch your Whatsapp

    2. Go to Settings

    3. Then Account

    4. And then Privacy

    5. Scroll to ‘Screen Lock’

    6. Choose either Face ID or Touch ID

    7. Choose the requirement immediately or after an interval of a minute, 15 minutes, or an hour.

    Also know that WhatsApp still allows users to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls, without requiring biometric authentication.