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Whatsapp is testing out 5sec/1hr “disappearing messages” feature

    Right now, Whatsapp messenger is testing out self-destructive messages. These messages will be sent to a recipient and after exactly 5seconds or an hour, it will self-delete. There is no other time frame in-between 5secs and 1hour.

    Whatsapp by Facebook is calling this feature, “disappearing messages” and it sure will be the most smartest way of sending a very salient message in personal or group chats.

    Although, some apps such as Telegram, Snapchat, Bleep, Kaboom app by Anchor Free has this particular feature, the app was introduced since July, 2015. Which is almost half-a-decade. Even Gmail also offers this in Confidential mode.

    WABetaInfo were first to discover this new feature, where they noted that this feature is in it early development, and might not be available to everyone on the beta just yet.


    They also made mentioned that the upcoming feature only appears to be available in group chats, and the sent message self-destructs after a set period of time.

    It is no longer news that Whatsapp instant messaging app boasts of end-to-end encrypted messages, but having an extra security during personal and group chat is definitely not a bad idea.

    As reported, this particular feature is still in development, as it appeared first in Android app version 2.19.275 beta mode but as noted, the feature might not be available to everyone on the beta just yet.