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Whatsapp just hit a Milestone, 1 Billion users Everyday

    Whatsapp has just hit another milestone and right now, it is quite impressive! Whatsapp which is a Facebook_owned app just reached 1 Billion people users each day!

    Without going far, I billion users everyday on Whatsapp is like one out of 7-8 Worldwide. This is a carry on from us

    ers to Whatsapp. And sooner, users would be able to watch videos without leaving Whatsapp.

    While WhatsApp hit 1 Billion monthly users last year, it’s now reached the milestone for the people who are bound to the app every day. And not only that, Whatsapp also hits 100 Million Calls Per Day.

    And with the current flow of new features arriving on Whatsapp, I really think, Whatsapp may accomplish more goals than this already!