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Whatsapp Instant Messaging app now lets you pin three chats to the top

    One of the most popular instant messenger, Whatsapp has just added another amazing updates and people are loving it. Sending instant messages is getting more fancy and lively.

    You get to send and chat with a lot of people within some given time, you chat with some families, friends, relatives, business partners and then go but to be sincere, there are some chats you really need to keep awake and fast to reply section.

    Whatsapp recently added a little but important updates to their beta version, where you are allowed to Pin 3 Chats To The Top but it will come soon to the main Whatsapp.

    Apart from the message that you receives and scroll down to read and reply when you doing some other thing apart from Whatsapp, this new updates is also worth your chatting.

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    To keep their users cool on the platform of messaging, the Managers needs constant updates, especially now they have increasing users every month which is reportedly more than 1,000 million users till date.

    WhatsApp New Feature, in this new feature you can pin three of your favorite conversations at the top. You have to use the beta version of Whatsapp to enable this feature.

    How to get it done; Open your whatsapp as normal then you have to long press on the conversation you want to pin. A pin pop up will display located near the action bar beside the delete, mute, and archive buttons. Tap on the Pin button and your most used conversation will be added at the top of your Whatsapp screen.

    Note this, to get options and everything enabled to set this, you will need WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 or 163, which you can find on Play Store by joining the official beta then wait for the app to update.

    You can only pin 3 chats after which you get a small toast notification message saying you can’t pin more. If you change your mind, you can always unpin one of your 3 chats and choose another.