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How to use Whatsapp Private Reply for group chats

    Well, Facebook owned Whatsapp has introduced a new feature in their recent update. Whatsapp Private reply allows you to reply, chat or answer a particular person in a group chat without the awareness of others.

    Recently, the company introduced the Whatsapp stickers, and you can learn how to download, use, send, create and manage the Whatsapp stickers perfectly. Anyways, the new feature will change the way you and I reply in group chats.

    Although, this isn’t the first time, we are hearing about Private reply on Whatsapp. Last year December, WhatsApp rolled out the ‘Reply Privately’ feature in a beta update for Windows Phone. Which was a total mistake.

    But this time around, the company is officially taking it down to their messaging app but with a different name, from ‘Reply Privately’ to ‘Private Reply’ which sounds much more intriguing and Smart to understand equally.

    How to use Whatsapp Private Reply for group chats

    To use the WhatsApp Private Reply feature, follow the below instructions:

    *. Launch your Whatsapp
    *. Visit the group conversation
    *. Tap and hold the message of the person you want to reply
    *. Tap on the three-dotted menu on the top right corner
    *. Tap on the Private Reply option on the menu
    *. It will open privately in the chat window.

    This new update was detected on v2.18.335 but it comes with a major bug. It crashes whenever the user deletes a particular media message from a group. Henceforth, it is advisable to skip this update and wait for the next.

    Private reply feature can also be used to privately reply old messages in a group where the Send messages feature is on “Only admin”. The feature is expected to be rolled out to all Android users in the coming days.

    For remembrance purpose, you need to be a part of the official Google Play beta programme to download the latest Whatsapp beta or you can make use of APK Mirror. Which isn’t a bad choice either.