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How to download, use, and send Whatsapp Stickers

    One of the biggest and best messaging app, Whatsapp recently introduced the long-awaited stickers for its platform, Android and iOS phones. Whatsapp stickers is highly anticipated and a lot of users are gearing up for the new feature.

    With Whatsapp stickers, you can easily chat in a unique style with the sticker packs in conversations, which isn’t different from what you do on other instant messaging apps. Thankfully, you can easily find it.

    The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform, Whatsapp also made the new sticker icon tab to be seen by tapping the emoji icon on the keyboard. And you can go ahead to download Whatsapp stickers, use the Whatsapp stickers and also send the Whatsapp stickers.

    How to Download and Use Whatsapp Stickers

    You can easily download Whatsapp stickers packs from the stickers stores by following the below steps:

    *. Launch Whatsapp
    *. Open any conversation, Chat or group
    *. Tap on Smiley / Emoji
    *. Select the ‘Sticker’ icon
    *. Tap on the plus ‘+’ sign
    *. Choose your pack and tap ‘Download’
    *. A green check mark will appear once the download is complete.

    The sticker store also has the feature to delete or manage. Like other messaging applications out there, you can easily download as many Whatsapp stickers as you want.

    whatsapp stickers

    How to send Whatsapp stickers

    After downloading, you can send the Whatsapp stickers by following the below instruction:

    *. Launch Whatsapp
    *. Open any individual chat or group.
    *. Next to the text input field, tap Emoji > Stickers .
    *. Find and tap the sticker you want to send.
    *. Then Tap the sticker, it’ll send automatically.

    Sticker packs includes Cuppy, Salty, Biscuit, Komo, Koko, Hatch, and more. After downloading, these WhatsApp sticker packs will show up in four categories. Inside the WhatsApp Stickers Tab, you will find Clock, Star, and Heart.

    Now, the clock section in the stickers tab takes you to your most recent stickers, the star icon takes you to your favorite stickers, and the heart icon will take you to categories like love, happy, sad, and dramatic.

    Initially, the clock and favorite sections will be empty, but after some few usage, you will find your recent and favorite Whatsapp stickers.

    How to view and delete Whatsapp stickers

    Whatsapp has also made it easier for its users to manage their Whatsapp stickers app by viewing the sticker packs, and deleting it:

    To view your download Whatsapp stickers: Tap Add > MY STICKERS tab.
    To delete a specific sticker pack: Tap Delete > DELETE button.
    To reorder a sticker packs: Tap and drag Reorder next to a sticker pack.
    To update a sticker packs: Tap UPDATE next to the sticker pack that needs to be updated.
    Understand that a green check mark will appear once the update is complete.
    Apple users can press the Stickers button from the right corner of the text box.

    Well, you can also learn how to create Whatsapp stickers, HERE. The company has outlined few instructions and procedures to follow. Thankfully, users who download and install any Sticker app can be able to start sending those stickers right away from within WhatsApp.

    However, the Whatsapp stickers is available with iOS version 2.18.100, and also for Android version 2.18.327, which are the latest version of Whatsapp. But before few weeks to come, it will be available to all.