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WhatsApp will support BlackBerry and Nokia Phones till July 2017

    Whatsapp keeps postponing this termination of Whatsapp on various devices. Firstly, it should have been 12 of December 2016. But right now, it has been officially postponed to July 2017!

    So are you still using Blackberry Phones or Nokia Phones? Then you have to rejoice now because Whatsapp has finally extended their ban on your mobile phone till July, 2017. But right now, this one really sounds like a dead man warning.

    Either you get a new phone or you dump Whatsapp come July, 2017. Oh yes, this is good news for those with a Nokia S40, a Symbian S60 or a BlackBerry running the proprietary BB OS, including BB10. WhatsApp has announced that it will be extending support for its service on the older mobile software platforms through June 30, 2017.

    Unfortunately for those with a smartphone running any version of Android earlier than 2.3 Gingerbread, Windows Phone 7 or iOS 6, the Facebook-owned company will be sticking to its self-imposed deadline of terminating access to its messenger by the end of 2016.