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Get Your Windows 10 Ready Now Using this 2 Simple Steps

    It is no longer news that Windows 10 has been released online for free download and upgrade, but it is very sad that most people don’t see the brighter side of windows 10.

    So tell me why you should not upgrade now, one of the best reason why you should upgrade is that Windows loads more faster than any other windows even more faster that Windows 8! It also carries many various apps which runs smoothly and fast when launched!

    Microsoft’s released Windows 10 on Wednesday, the 29th July 2015. According to them, all current users of Windows, starting from Windows 7 and above, to upgrade. According to Microsoft windows official, all current users have only one year from today to take advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade offer, after that, it won’t longer be free.

    How to Successfully Upgrade to Windows 10 Freely

    If you are happy to upgrade to enjoy more faster technology at your finger tips, then you can follow the below guidelines. The steps is so simple that even a learner who just bought new PC today, can do it. Follow the below steps to upgrade:-

    *. Take a look at the icon located on the bottom right hand side of your task bar, asking you to reserve your place to upgrade, where they’ll request for your email address.

    Coming from the official website of Microsoft: they said that any users who did not see this icon, they will have to either buy a new Windows device or pay $119 for the Home version). If you haven’t already reserved a copy, do so, because that’s how Microsoft confirms your eligibility and starts preparing your device, quietly installing files on your computer in expectation of of the 2,712.6 MB download of the windows 10.

    *. After like some few days (at least 2-4), you MUST see a pop-up notification to start the upgrade. Just Click on it and start upgrading.

    The downloading might be stalled after some minutes but it all depends on your country’s network, the download can vary from 20 minutes to more than an hour, the download time also depends on your device. But note that before some few hours, we are 100% sure that, if you use the above method, it will download and upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft…

    Well, what do we have to say, when you update and upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft, that is Windows 10, we just shout “Welcome Sire” Enjoy Windows 10 to the fullest and try to share this post to your on-line friends such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest Gt and the rest by using the below share buttons. Once again, WELCOME!