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Women pockets are smaller for Smartphone

    Most times our Fashion designers makes a lot of clothing mistakes that remains unseen and undetected until the day of usage. What is the frustration of picking your stuffs and realize that your pockets are damn too small. Women pockets in reality!

    This phenomenon goes to the women-cloth-wearers line! That’s another reason why a lot of Women with either purse or some sort of handbag filled with a lot of accessories. But not all women wants that idea of carrying handbags up and down.

    It sounds ridiculous but men’s pockets is definitely what all the women wants. According to the Pudding findings from gradual research, women’s pockets is really tiny even for small iPhone X.

    The pocket revolutions of women is in circulation, meanwhile, men’s pockets goes from big – bigger. “On average, the pockets in women’s jeans are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men’s pockets.” Some part of Pudding noted.

    iPhone X in men and women pockets
    Image credits: Pudding

    Researched Items

    For iPhone X: 40% of women’s pockets and 100% of men’s pockets can fit this item.

    For Samsung Galaxy: 20% of women’s pockets and 95% of men’s pockets can fit this item.

    For For Google Pixels: 5% of women’s pockets and 85% of men’s pockets can fit this item.

    Other research were conducted for items such as women / men hand, front wallet, and pen. However, it was only Pen that 98% of women’s pockets can fit in.

    “Generally speaking, women’s front pockets are indeed smaller than men’s, and the size disparity really limits what items women can safely stow in her pockets (if any).” The website added.

    You might be wondering, what about the different fashion styles, such as skinny jeans and straight jeans of both men and women. However, Puddling did more of extended research on that.

    At first, who brought out this crazy tiny, skinny and slimmed pocket design for women? Anyways, women need a little more bigger pocket sizes to keep other valuable items that holding a handbag or purses.