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Xiaomi Foldable Umbrella & Umbrella with Selfie Stick!

    Well having a Foldable Umbrella isn’t bad but when it comes to getting Umbrella with a Selfie stick attached to it! Am perplexed!

    We have seen other normal Umbrella that you have to fold using your hands into a Small Handbag specially for girls and other guys out there but Xiaomi Launches Automatic Foldable Umbrella that means, it folds automatically without being handled by hand.

    xiaomi foldable umbrella

    Well, the umbrella is made up of two layers. The First layer is specifically made to hold the rain which is its major priority. The second layer protects from ultraviolet rays!

    The Umbrella is made from 190T cloth that feels very soft and delicate while also being highly durable and providing great shade. It can easily shake off heavy rains while still being very dry as compared to other umbrellas.

    The cloth is light black and has got a Teflon coating, making the Xiaomi Umbrella very water resistant and also providing UV protection.

    The Umbrella has got a three folding design and is around 228 grams heavy. It is 24cm long and 3cm thick when folded and can expand up to 47cm. It doesn’t have a button, making it a totally simplistic design.

    The automatic foldable umbrella is rumored to be priced at $15 (N5,000). Sales begins 24th of July 2017. Remember the main Points? It opens automatically and folds automatically!

    Mobile Phone Selfie Stick Umbrella

    Well, right now, you don’t need to just cover your body from either Rain or Sun but you also need to take some amazing selfie without having to leave your umbrella.

    Let me introduce you to the Mobile Phone Selfie Stick Photographic Umbrella with Bluetooth Remote Control.

    umbrella with selfie

    Right now, it is on Aliexpress and you can get it at $43.10! Producers says the weight isn’t much. Well, you can’t be under the rain and take selfie!