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Xiaomi Mi 8 Premium Explorer Edition with ‘sceptical’ transparent cover

    Alongside with the original Mi 8 Smartphone, Xiaomi also unveiled the Mi 8 Pro, which is the Explorer Edition and one prominent design there, is the transparent glass back design. Xiaomi wants us to view the picture the innards of the phone.

    The Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition is the first Android Smartphone to show major internal panels through the transparent back design worldwide and yes, Xiaomi is only trying to impress its customers. Others have been showcasing the camera module, fingerprint sensor and minor other panels.

    Anyways, Xiaomi isn’t the first company to participate or dive into the transparent design. HTC U11+ and U12+ has done the same, with other numerous brands scattered all over the internet.

    Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition


    According theverge and twitter user ChengmingAlpert etc, have observed that the “S845 can’t be in that position; all the components around is too far away from each other; no graphite or other pipe/wire/cable for thermal.”

    In a statement to theverge, the company said “The transparent back on Mi 8 Explorer Edition is indeed made of transparent glass, and there isn’t a sticker with a picture on it. The parts that you see on the back upper half, for example, are parts of the actual mainboard.”

    At first, Alpert called the backed-transparency of the phone a sticker but he has apologized completely. Anyways, the company has persuaded and induced everyone that it is a true transparent glass design. You can view the camera module, the Snapdragon chipset, battery, and the internal connectors.

    Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

    On the back-transparent glass design, you would notice some few random words, like a sentence. One says “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.” And on the NFC module, it says “innovation for everyone”

    And below the Mi logo on the back of the phone, there is other transparent panels too. Xiaomi did a pretty good job at reviewing high-density of panels that were anciently hidden.

    Apart from the incredulous transparent back cover, the Mi 8 Premium Explorer Edition packs a lot of identical features with the Mi 8 but the difference is the in-display fingerprint sensor scanner, which works anywhere on the lower-third of the display and it uses pressure sensitivity, 8GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage.

    Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

    Other ways, Xiaomi says that the Explorer Edition is the first Android phone to use 3D face recognition technology, like the iPhone X’s Face ID with the Animoji.

    The phone will available later and it is priced 3,699 yuan in China, which is about $580, approximately, we are looking at N209k in Nigeria. Sorry, there is no availability for Africa or Western countries.