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Xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s announced in China with 30km battery life

    One of the best Smartphone makers, Xiaomi has just announced its latest Mi electric scooter in China. This is the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter 1s with a 30km battery life, and IP54 rated water-resistant.

    The unique feature of the Xiaomi scooter is the foldable design. Just by pressing a button on the scooter, it will fold in just 3 seconds and weighs 12.5kg.

    It can range on a 30km on a full charge, with a DC motor that is rated for up to 3,000 hours of use with 250W rated power and offers instantaneous maximum power up to 500W.

    The Mi scooter’s maximum top speed is 25kms per hour and comes with a visual interactive dashboard and an antilock braking system, dual brake system with ABS.

    However, it is advisable not to hit the maximum top speed for safety, but the mechanical disc brake at the rear wheel might provide a more effective braking experience. It is still not safe.

    xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s

    You can find three operation modes, the energy saving, normal, and sports mode. Where you can identify them as ECO, D, and S modes respectively. Comes in black and white colors option.

    It supports the energy recovery system that turns kinetic energy into electricity adding more battery when you press the brake handle or release the throttle, only when the Scooter is on motion or moving.

    The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter 1s packs an 8.5-inch front and rear pneumatic inflatable tires and can take up to 100kg of load on its footboard during operation. There’s also a display at the top that serves as a dashboard, shows speed, battery, and any issues with the scooter.

    It supports Zhilian Mijia App, where you can find the amateur user guides, check riding status, and firmware upgrades. The new Mi Scooter 1s comes with an Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy design.

    To keep the phone going, it arrives with Lithium batteries for 30km long battery life, and the BMS battery management system can monitor the health status of each cell in real-time. It costs 1999 yuan ($282), already on sale.