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Xiaomi mint is a lightweight browser with good reviews on Playstore – Download Here

    Xiaomi Mint is a new Android browser that was launched today, and comes with dark mode, voice search, and boasts of low storage and memory requirements.

    According to the header on Google Playstore, “Mint Browser – Lite, Fast Web, Safe, AdFree” That means, Xiaomi is giving you everything for your most affordable phone.

    Outside, on the internet, even in your various app stores, there are bunch of internet browsers that are available for download, that offers more effective users experience.

    However, the Xiaomi Mint browser is made for low-end mobile phones, and frankly, am not surprised. It is available for download on Google right now.

    About Xiaomi Mint Browser

    The Xiaomi Mint browser was officially launched today, and it comes with multi-tabbing Web browsing experience, Incognito Mode, dark mode, voice search and made for low-end handset.

    Among these few features mentioned above, the Smartphone browser packs other numerous and amazing specifications and features.

    You can even switch from one user agent to another and pick the iPhone or Desktop version of your favorite websites. The Mint Browser features low memory size, with a sub-10 MB package size.

    Well, Xiaomi is a well known Android Smartphone maker, and today, there are actually making themselves known to the software aspect of the tech world.

    It is worth noting that Xiaomi shipped over millions of devices, and that earned them number 4 in Q3 2018, and most of the sales among these millions are low and mid-range devices.

    Xiaomi Mint Browser

    Xiaomi Mint Browser Features

    Below contains the interesting list, functions, benefits of downloading the Xiaomi Mint browser on your Android Smartphone. Here are the Xiaomi Mint browser features:

    *. For low memory device, 10 MB package size
    *. Multi-tabbing Web browsing experience
    *. Incognito Mode
    *. Inbuilt Dark Mode
    *. Switch from one user agent to another and pick the iPhone or Desktop version of your favorite websites
    *. Reading mode
    *. Voice search
    *. Data compression
    *. A search bar on top of the homepage
    *. You can choose between options such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo
    *. You can manage your downloads
    *. You can add or delete bookmarks and history
    *. Option to reduce data usage
    *. Pages loads quickly and switch between
    *. You can toggle the User Agent between Android, desktop, iPhone, and iPad
    *. Vertical and horizontal view
    *. Pinch-to-zoom functionality
    *. Inbuilt adfree (which we are not sure about)

    As usual, the browser has a homepage that contains the necessary features. It display websites that are just pre-selected.

    However, these pre-selected displays that displays on the homepage, can either be deleted or you can easily add more websites by tapping the Add button.

    If you can recall that old-fashioned way of browsing the internet, then Xiaomi is bringing that nostalgic feeling back and it is quite awesome to an extent.

    In order to let your website loads more faster, the app will silently disables all the images and other elements from webpages to make them load faster. This also consume lesser data.

    Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

    How to download Xiaomi Mint browser

    Thankfully, the Xiaomi’s mint browser is available for download via Google playstore, and thankfully you can also download via other means.

    *. To download from Google Playstore: Go HERE

    *. To download from other source: Go HERE

    Like it or not, the mint browser is Super lightest, fastest, smoothest, safest web browser for your Android Smartphone, it also has numerous good reviews on Playstore.

    The browser app was uploaded on the 21st of December 2018, and lastly updated few days ago. However, it requires Android 4.4 and up, and has over 10,000 installations.

    However, the application is only available for Android Smartphone, there is no word if it will extend to other platform such as iOS and .exe file.