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You can now add background blur on Skype for iOS, iPadOS and PC

    With a background blur feature, you can easily hide messy rooms on Skype for iOS. The video chat and voice call application just added a welcoming feature that allows users to hide any objects in the background.

    On one or two series of videos we’ve found online, especially the reporters, business partners, and influencers live video, we might have found the background so irritating, but this new Skype feature will fix that.

    Microsoft’s Skype is among the top app for video calling, including video conferencing. The new background blur feature is quite similar to company’s Teams app.

    Last year, Microsoft added this background blurring to Skype’s desktop app. And now, it is available for iPhone and iPad users, who can blur what’s in the background of a video call.

    skype logo

    In order for this background blur to work, Theverge reported that Microsoft is using artificial intelligence to blur everything in a room around you and keep you as the main focal point.

    How it works is quite simple, the AI uses bokeh blur to detect hair, arms, and hands to avoid blurring out key body language during video calls. But note that, the AI won’t blur everything on everything around you, but it’ll improve the surround of the video calls and not a messy room.

    The background blur feature is only available for Skype for iOS and iPADOS devices and PC versions also, but we are not yet sure for Android OS support. Skype isn’t the only one, Google is also adding background blur to its Meet video conferencing service.