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You can now re-share Instagram story posts that you’re mentioned in

    Doesn’t work for all posts and it is only compatible with public profiles

    Instagram is deliberately bringing a lot of awesome updates to the app. Instagram adds features that allows one to re-share story posts from friends and it is heart warming. It gives you the ability to re-share their friends story posts.

    Are you mentioned on any Instagram stories? you can now re-share it. At first, if a friend tags you in their story, you’ll receive a notification in your direct message thread with them, then to share, you would be forced to screenshot it and repost the image back.

    But now, everything is changed, when you receive the usual DM notification, there is a new “Add This to Your Story” button that will allow Instagram’s user base to do just that, it works like the normal traditional way of reposting.


    And this means the content can be resized, rotated, and moved around, while stickers, GIFs, or even text can be added on top. As an added bonus for the original sharer, their username will also appear below, allowing others to check out their profile.

    The feature was updated since Thursday. You can then add that to your own account, where it’ll have a link back to the original account. But Instagram does warn that the feature is only compatible with public profiles.

    The feature is rolling out today as part of version 48 of the Android and iOS apps. So, if a user wants the feature, he / she would have to download the newest and latest update from the Play Store or the App Store.