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You can Now Use 2 Airtel Numbers on 1 Sim! Technology go wide

    This is really awesome and so good. But the fact there is that, other Nigeria Telecom will soon join in Introducing 2 Numbers on 1 Sim.

    So today, we want to officially announced to the general public that Airtel has launched a new business icon. That means, from today, henceforth, one can be using 2 numbers on 1 sim card.

    There many advantages here. That means, with one phone using two sim card. Approximately, the total sim card there is 3 numbers. Abeg, let other network join, to keep the funny going.

    You can Now Use 2 Airtel Numbers on 1 Sim

    Also it saves you the Stress of having to buy to many sims which may even get missing. While in Bharti, Airtel just introduced 3-in-one sim card.

    The steps to go about it. is very simple. All you have to do is to subscribe to smartNUMBER. Send keyword ‘SUB’ to 619 from your Airtel line to subscribe. Follow the prompt to get you started.