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Youtube Headquarter shooting; people evacuated – Lives at stake!

    Well, the shooting is over right but the causalities is still yet alarming. According to San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini, the shooter was a white female that wore a dark top and a head scarf. Who was later identified.

    A number of 37 victims has been transported to the San Francisco General Hospital says first reports while the other news states that a total of four people were reportedly shot. Three are in critical conditions while the other is being treated for a twisted ankle.

    Be it 37 or four victims, they have all been transported to the hospital for further treatment. The shooter is female named Nasim Najafi Aghdam, according to CNBC, in January, she claimed that Youtube filtered out her video content.

    This is the note that Sundar pichai just sent to Googlers worldwide.

    The police laid down evidence markers near an outdoor cafe on the campus and also several people has been evacuated from the facility, so the situation is over.