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YouTube launches YouTube channel Newswire to promote the eyewitness videos

    YouTube launches YouTube channel Newswire to promote the eyewitness videos

    Popular YouTube service together with the news Agency Storyful announced three initiatives designed to support the distribution of video news from eyewitnesses of the events.

    It is noted that in the modern world people often become eyewitnesses to various events, both joyful and tragic. Due to the wide spread of mobile devices, people are recording videos of these events and send videos to YouTube.

    Then these videos can get into the news releases on various resources. To support such rollers and launched three initiatives.

    YouTube launches YouTube channel eyewitness videos

    YouTube Newswire is a special channel that will host confirmed the eyewitness videos. This channel is curated tape the most interesting news of the rollers.

    The contents of the tape is checked by a team of editors Storyful. YouTube Newswire will be for journalists a valuable source of news clips that relate the most important events.

    The channel will be available global and regional tape showing events through the eyes of witnesses in various parts of the world.

    YouTube launches eyewitness videos

    The First Draft Coalition. Video witnesses may quickly enough to cover the events, but before it is published on the news resources passes the confirmation process.

    Often journalists don’t quite know how to confirm this video. It was decided to combine a group of experts and pioneers in the field of social journalism, which deal with the creation of educational resources in the field of check media witnesses.

    In a group called The First Draft Coalition will consist of experts from Eyewitness Media Hub, Storyful, Bellingcat, First Look Media’s Reportedly, Meedan, Emergent, SAM Desk and Verification Junkie.

    YouTube eyewitness videos

    The WITNESS Media Lab. Often affects the eyewitness videos of the problems associated with the violation of human rights.

    In conjunction with the WITNESS service YouTube will support the initiative of The WITNESS Media Lab – a new approach to the solution of pressing problems in the field of human rights based on the analysis of videos of eyewitnesses.

    In the framework of this initiative will be launched several projects in cooperation with experts in technology, advocacy and journalism.

    These projects will be aimed at combating human rights violations. The first of them will be engaged in the study of the influence of video witnesses in ensuring fairness in the identification of cases of abuse of police obligations in the United States.

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