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Google Play Music will now be replaced by YouTube Music on Android 10

    Google Play Music will now be replaced by YouTube Music, as it is now pre-installed on Android 9 and the new Android 10 devices. This was officially announced by the Search giant, Google!

    Normally, Google Play Music is pre-installed on Android devices, acting as the company’s music catalogue, redefined as a music player, it also allows you to listen and save musics online. Pretty sure everything might be the same with little or no difference from the actual app.

    Before the announcement, YouTube Music streaming service was already unveiled in India earlier this year along with YouTube Premium after announcing it last year. But we now have the idea why it was being introduced.

    Nevertheless, the new Youtube Music is still among the company’s ecosystem. And like the Google Play Music, it’ll acts as your personal guide through the complete world of music.

    Also note that the YouTube Music is free with ads, but you can still get the Youtube Music Premium to play songs and videos in the phone’s background, without ads along with offline downloads.

    YouTube Music

    For the premium pricing, it starts at Rs. 99 ($1.5) per month or Rs. 149.00 ($2.5) per month for family plan to share it with 5 more family members.

    According to their blog post, the Youtube Music icon will be available on your new Android 10 device, and you can also visit the Play Store to get the app.

    YouTube Music replaces Google Play Music as the default player on devices launching with Android 10 and Android 9, including the Pixel series. However, Play Music will be available as a standalone app and can be installed from the Google Play Store.