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Take a look at the New Youtube Logo! Share your thought

    Well, Youtube just got new Logo after so many long years. And well, it looks somehow different and indifferent to the former Logo.

    Why don’t you take a look at the LOGO and check it our for yourself! Youtube hasn’t changed their Logo since 12years ago, this is their first time in 12 years.

    New and Old Youtube Logo

    What are the changes? You may ask. Here they are;

    *. The red blob that covered the second half YouTube has been removed. That is YouTube has removed the red blob around the word “tube.”

    *. Instead, the red play button that’s served as the app icon and visual identifier in a myriad of ads now lives to the left of the wordmark.

    *. The red color is also brighter now.

    And also, there are some few updates too coming along with it. Recall the Dark Mode on Youtube, well, it is coming back full time.

    And also, we can finally adjust video playback speed on mobile devices, this will change the shape dynamically to match your videos aspect ratio.

    Youtube Official Report;

    The bright red cherry on top of this update sundae is a refreshed YouTube Logo and YouTube Icon. Designed for our multi-screen world, the updated Logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and Icon, creating a more flexible design that works better across a variety of devices, even on the tiniest screens. Why’s it more flexible? When room is limited (say on a smartphone) you can use the brightened up Icon as an abbreviated Logo, which will be seen more easily and read more clearly.

    How do you see the New Youtube Logo?