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YouTube Go app now available on Android; It Saves Data alot

    Are you data-conscious viewers? If yea, then this new “Unreleased Youtube Go app” will definitely help you to save a lot of data from streaming videos online.

    The Google-owned Youtube just launched Youtube Go, however, it is in-available for in Google-owned Playstore but it is already on APK mirror, so if you can’t wait then get it HERE.

    Because of few internet WI-FI problems especially in less-developed countries, the YouTube team has created YouTube Go, an app that centers around saving videos to view later.

    youtube go

    The Youtube Go looks more like home screen as t currently displays a curated feed of downloadable videos that may not be palatable to you as much as the recommended videos on the standard YouTube app.

    It’s an offline and more social spin on the widely-used YouTube app – video previews load before downloading so that you can decide whether you’d like to watch or download that video.

    You can select the resolution and see how much space each resolution level will take before saving a video, and you can share your saved videos with friends via Bluetooth transfer. And one thing on this app is that you can’t choose 720p or 1080p quality streams.

    This new Youtube Go app will always be successful in Nigeria because Nigerians seems to love any new development that will enable them to watch video freely or stream videos without data.