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Zoom for Home DTEN ME is a 27-inch tablet that costs $599 in the US

    We are looking at the first device to be launched is an all-in-one personal collaboration device, it is Zoom for Home DTEN ME 27-inch touchscreen device for remote workers that costs $599.

    With the pandemic crisis around us, working from home that becomes the order of the day, making video calls is just part of it. Zoom is the most used video conferencing app since the COVID-19, but the company has ventured into a hardware device.

    It is much more like a 27-inch tablet but with Zoom preinstalled, and the company mentioned that the touchscreen will be shipped in August. Zoom For Home — DTEN ME is quite priced at $599, which is around N230k in Nigeria’s currency.

    Zoom for Home DTEN ME 27-inch touchscreen device for remote workers

    The Zoom For Home — DTEN ME comes with a 27-inch touchscreen device with three smart webcams for video, and eight noise-reducing microphones built-in for clear voice recording. Zoom software is preloaded inside the device.

    With the Zoom for Home device hardware device, the company wants to upgrade your ‘work from home’ experience to pure home office experience. But have it in the back of your mind that Zoom isn’t really building the hardware, but DTEN is behind that.

    DTEN is a San Jose-based company that makes videoconferencing appliances. The company ensures that the device carries a simple interface, jumping straight into the video conference and allows you to do pretty much other similar stuff.

    Basically, you can just download, and set up the app on your mobile phone or computer to start using Zoom. But with the DTEN ME, remote employees can jump right into Zoom without having to deal with those activities.

    Zoom for Home DTEN ME

    The company also designed the device to have easy, one-touch video meetings, crystal clear phone calls, seamless content sharing, contacts, interactive whiteboarding, and co-annotation, -which is more benefits for teachers.

    You can start sharing your screen by linking the DTEN to your phone or laptop via “ultrasonic pairing,” The Zoom for Home devices can start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings, sync with the user’s calendar, status, meeting settings, and even be set up to be IT-managed remotely.